41 Stylish and Most Popular Living Room Design Ideas for 2019

The living room is one of the most used rooms in the house, but it is often considered the equivalent of no-man’s land, a neutral area with no personality in the room or kitchen. But what if we were not just careful?

Secretly in their laboratories, experienced their salons, interior designers used this space as a test area for new ideas. Here her wildest visions come true: blankets, sculptural low tables and camouflaged gallery walls, just to name a few.

With a new year on the horizon, we asked the pros for the main trends and colors of the show for 2019. Less impressions, cooler shapes and slimmer surfaces were just a few of the underlying themes of her wish list. Here are 10 design trends that you can try before anyone else.

“I think the dull black in the living room will remain stable in 2019,” said SoCal blogger and designer Anita Yokota. “This classic color has modern contrasts and I’m obsessed! Whether it’s lighting, furniture, textiles or artwork – matte black can be blended with all other neutral colors like brown, beige and gold – it’s a minimalist and warm look, fresh and fresh Design horizon. ”

Make a lasting statement by using your large items, such as B. lighting, the fireplace or a built-in shelf, play black or paste snippets with smaller decorative items. Exclusive in black and white, Maria Santana’s New York apartment is a welcome reminder that this neutral approach to the living room looks best when bold works and varied textures meet.

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