44+ New Brick Patio Ideas for a Beautiful Backyard Design 2020

The brick terraces add instant charm to the outdoor spaces. Whether you use real brick or brick flooring, the result is a careful arrangement of the rooms to create the perfect environment for splendid outdoor evenings with the floor firmly under your feet. Check out the catchy ideas below and visit our article on pebble terraces for even more inspiration for design!

Demanding owners choose real brick to open their patios for its robust beauty and strength. It’s also wallet and do-it-yourself compatible: you can install a brick patio for $ 10 to $ 15 per square foot using one of two simple methods. With the dry laying method, you will lay compressed bricks called pavers directly on a sand or crushed stone base. The most involved method for laying the mortar is to press the brick slabs into a mortar foundation on top of a concrete slab with crushed stone underneath.

In addition to the construction considerations for a brick patio construction, including location, size and shape, the fun part decides the design: the pattern and color of the patio walls and, if applicable, the surrounding structures and materials will complement it to the better. So once you get the results you want, we recommend keeping your deck of bricks at their best. Coming soon, all the advice you need to design and maintain the perfect brick patio for your garden.

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