45+ New Trend and Latest Bedroom Interior Designs and Ideas

If you think that 2019 will be a year of self-care, rest and rejuvenation, you will like what color experts expect on the bedroom walls. Get ready to absorb classic things with warm colors that are not only versatile, but also soothing (which can help you sleep better!). Read on to see what colors will appear in the bedrooms throughout this year and how you can add them to yours.

A simple but sophisticated background and perfect for almost all decorative themes, grays have become popular for both minimalists and daring colorists. This year, brands meet the global need for more Zen. “During 2019, we observed the general mood of retiring home as a place of comfort and silence, where we can escape the chaos and noise of everyday life,” says Andrea Magnho, an expert on colors and design by Benjamin Moore (whose Color of the Year pays tribute to this mood). “Our Metropolitan AF-690 is the perfect color for the bedroom, because it is soft and relaxing, and particularly beautiful when combined with fabrics such as linen and cashmere – think of the beautiful imposition of sheets and blankets on the bed.”

The adolescent phase is the age at which the transition from childhood to adolescence occurs. This is why proper bedroom design can be a factor in improving mood. Keep in mind that this bedroom design is only suitable for boys.

Adding a postcard to your wall can be an attractive topic for a child, while its interactive coloring creates the perfect accent for a growing adult. The extra blues is favorable and offers a relaxing atmosphere.

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