47+ Living Room Design Ideas and Trends Bringing the Heat in 2019

Rose gold, subway tiles and exposed lighting were one of the main trends in interior design in 2018. The New Year is accompanied by new decorative motifs, elegant and timeless pieces for a new and old style. 2019 will have fantastic home design trends. Read on and look for the trends that our seasoned designers say will come to your home.

Like velvet pieces, many designers are seeing a change, and more and more decorators are favoring the lighting of local artists and small businesses, including lighting. Crafting tools personalize your home and, like natural elements, make a home from the technological world into the natural world.

Moving away from the technology-obsessed decor that dominated the design trends for 2018, in 2019 will focus on cool, natural materials such as stone, copper, concrete and granite. These elements will help to create an organic and calm atmosphere in each room while reflecting the world around your home. Get ideas on how to add natural elements to your urban home

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