48+ New and Modern Bedroom Design Trends To Watch In 2019

The design of the bedroom can be complicated, whether it is a large or small room, the bed will always be a bulky object and necessary in the center of the space.

You can add other furniture to the room, if desired, with a pair of bedside tables, table lamps or sconces, a desk, a comfortable chair or seating, if you are lucky enough to have enough space. But even then, sometimes something is still missing in the room.

Let’s play with the walls to complete the design of the room. Select the wall of the room that stands out; This is usually a wall that attracts attention when you enter the room. Very often it will be the wall at the head of your bed, but maybe another. This will be your accent wall.

Now that you have one, be careful not to shade it with a large object, is there any element that covers the surface, such as a large headboard, a curtain or a large wardrobe?

Finally, make sure that the material and color you choose for your accent are balanced with the rest of the room; Are there too many pop elements? Is this wall a unique element that draws attention to space? Balanced decoration is vital to ensure the best results.

Now we discover the best way to make it popular.

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