49+ Living Room Interior Design Ideas! Best Trends for 2019

Is 2019 the year when you change the decor of your living room? In this case, we have compiled a list of more than 20 interior design ideas that our decorators believe could inspire them. Whether you like a completely modern living room or want something more traditional, we have taken care of you.

From simple living room designs to abstract and interesting living room decorations – all the tips and tricks you need to take your living room to the next level are there for you.

Separate your living room with furniture to create a multifunctional and versatile living space. The interior of a living room is to make the most of the available space (small or large), and cutting it with furniture is a great way.

A glass coffee table on a rug, a cocoon armchair in the middle of a sofa and a few comfortable chairs make for a perfect seating area and close the space in your dining area, play area or work area. Living room decoration stands for functionality and fluidity, and dividing your space is a clever way to achieve both in a subtle way.

Compact side tables are ideal for the living space in the living room and give you the space and features you need. Metals are very present at the moment and in the drawings we see a lot of gold, silver and bronze as well as interesting geometric shapes.

The bedside tables with glass tops and metal legs work wonders to make room in your living room. The dual-purpose bedside tables and couch consoles allow you to throw bulky furniture such as bookcases and buffets for something modern and practical.

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