57+ Best Living Room Interior Design Ideas images

If the kitchen is the stomach of your home, the living room is definitely his heart. Here you can curl up with a book on a lazy Sunday, meet friends for a glass of wine or spend the entire weekend of the weekend watching what’s on Netflix (hey, we’re not judging). Your living room is such an important part of your home, it’s important that it is always at its best.

Ultimately, your home should reflect your personal style, but there are many new trends that will help you decorate your space. Below are 10 design experts who talk about the new trends you might want to include in your living spaces:

Hard lines are replaced with softer curves, so look for furniture with rounded corners rather than sharp corners. Curved furniture, such as sofas, armchairs and even beds, are already everywhere, and we think that this trend will most likely continue in 2019. This means that the living rooms will be a little more boring and decorated using spectacular details.

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